Treves Baker has more than 25 years of experience as a health and wellness professional, working in a variety of specialties within the wellness industry. He has extensive financial and clinical expertise in a wide variety of business environments, including, but not limited to; assisted living, geriatrics, skilled nursing, medical surgical, pediatrics, dentistry, school nursing, special education, home health and Chiropractics. A lifelong pursuit of serving others eventually led to a 12-year career in senior care management serving as an advocate for seniors. Initially working as a divisional director of care, Treves serviced 13 states as a nursing director specialist, evaluating both the care and business side for the fourth largest senior living company in the world. Transitioning to the largest senior living company in the world and working as a senior executive director, Treves has been responsible for the overall growth, direction, and day to day operations of multiple multimillion-dollar facilities. (READ MORE)

Serving as a class II senior executive he has been able to apply a company’s core principles and values to guide staff in achieving operational and financial goals. Dedicated, detailed oriented and results driven, he has the ability to motivate, lead and train others in the area of health and wellness. Core values and passion have been the drivers for success. After many years in the corporate world as a successful executive, he ventured out to follow his vision as a consultant, where he has combined a burning passion of servant leadership with a laser focused skill set of business and finance to create what he believes will be a legacy of compassion. A movement of health and self-awareness that will help lead the industry to new levels, providing care and promoting self-awareness while giving investors and entrepreneurs the opportunity to establish revenue streams that are in alignment with their passion are the focus of his work.

Treves has extensive financial and clinical expertise in a wide variety of business environments, including, but not limited to, assisted living, geriatrics, skilled nursing, medical surgical, pediatrics, dentistry, school district administration, special education, home health and Chiropractic.

Georgia Baker has over 20 years of experience in the senior industry, starting her career in the activities and programing department she was initially responsible for running programs for a 100-bed health care facility. Working with care associates, physical therapists, nurses and high-level executives she was responsible for devising, coordinating and supporting health and wellness programs for our senior population. In the last decade Georgia has shifted her focus from programming to operations, becoming deeply involved in sales and marketing and then eventually serving as the Director of Operations for a skilled nursing home in the heart of Santa Monica City.  Eventually she would go on to become a successful executive director for one of the leading senior care providers. (READ MORE)

Involved in the day to day operations, attaining financial goals and maintaining state compliance for her facility she is an enthusiastic, passionate leader who is forward thinking. These programs ranged from very high functioning seniors (retired attorneys, doctors, judges and executives) to Alzheimer’s and memory impaired residents.  It was Georgia’s vision and goal to strike balance between engagement, health, wellness and underlying interest while mentally, emotionally and often physically engaging clients of all levels and backgrounds. Cultivating team awareness and heavily involved in community outreach, Georgia implemented a very strong volunteer program, gaining community support and buy-in.  Maintaining relationships with local schools, churches, police, fire and city council people, her communities soon became pillars in their respective communities.

Treves & Georgia Baker have come together to form Baker & Baker Consulting Services and business development. A husband and wife duo that are on a mission of passion, Treves and Georgia embrace the philosophy of achieving wealth through building a healthy culture, one  that thrives on diversity and forward thinking individuals who have a strong desire to pursue their dreams while positioning themselves to achieve financial gain. Currently Treves and Georgia have several projects that are on target and on budget with revenue models that are solid and set to open in upcoming months.

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